Treatments & Consults


We use pathology and functional testing as well as experience to ascertain the underlying causes of illness. Treatment may then consist of dietary modification, detoxification, herbal and nutritional medicine as well as isopathic medicine (sanum therapy). Treatment is individually tailored in order to bring biochemical processes back into a state of harmony and healing so that you can experience health, wellness and vitality.

We offer a 10 minute free consultation. The aim of this is so you can meet us, ask questions and find out what you can expect from naturopathic treatment. No treatment will take place in this consult.

Initial Consult

1 hour 15 minutes (initial) consultation 160.00

Follow up Consults

1 hour follow up consult 115.00
45 minutes 99.00
30 minutes 80.00
15 minutes 55.00

Holistic Counselling

Individual 1 hour 120.00
Couples 1 & 1/2 hour 150.00


30 minutes (consultation fee) 80.00

Medicines vary in price and are added to the consult fee.

To make an appointment call our Mornington Peninsula Clinic on 0421 302 663

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