Autoimmune Disease (part 3) Further Triggers

Further triggers for Autoimmunity Stress Long term or intense stress, has been associated with the beginning of autoimmune disease for many people, but would not be the sole factor, it can also be the inducer of a flare up. Stress…

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Autoimmune Disease (part 2) Causes of Autoimmunity

Causes of Autoimmunity There are 3 factors necessary to develop autoimmunity: Firstly, you need to have the genes; secondly an environmental trigger such as infection, food intolerance, emotional stress, exposure to chemicals or toxic metals, pregnancy or nutrient deficiencies; thirdly…

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Autoimmune Disease (part 1)

Autoimmune disease is becoming an increasingly significant problem in Australia and worldwide, and because of this I have put together a 4 part series of blogs to help people to understand the underlying factors involved in autoimmunity. Autoimmune disease occurs…

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