Metabolic Balance®

What is Metabolic Balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is an individualised scientifically based weight adjustment program. You can lose weight (or gain or maintain weight) depending on your needs. The program is totally personalised to the client based on their specific blood chemistry, food dislikes or allergies and health conditions.

There are four phases;
1. a two-day detox,
2. followed by a two-week strict phase designed to reset your insulin levels and metabolism,
3. you then move into phase 3 where you stay until you reach your goal weight
4. and then you move into the maintenance phase.

Metabolic Balance® is truly unique because it is a wholefood based nutrition plan scientifically designed and customised to address a client’s unique metabolic health needs. The client’s personal blood values and health data is sent to Germany where over 30 blood values are analysed and used to re-establish metabolic and hormonal function. An individualised plan is then generated for the client that can be used for the rest of their life.

The Metabolic Balance® Institute in Germany utilises a proprietary data base of foods which takes into account a foods chemistry, glycaemic load and nutrient profile to build a precise road map of the best foods needed for the client to have healthy cellular and hormonal production and function.

Because Metabolic Balance® is based on natural wholefoods bought fresh and prepared by you, you learn what foods and the amount of food that is right for you. This means you reach and maintain your ideal weight, and optimise your health and wellbeing. It will also help reduce hunger and food cravings as well as re-establish and improve your natural fat burning ability and kick-start your metabolism.

Metabolic Balance® works as your nutrition program for the rest of your life, so you will always look and feel fantastic. It really is more than a weight loss program … it is a true wellness plan.

There are many diet fads around which work for some people but not others. Kim saw a client recently who had been following the ketogenic protocol and his kidney markers were markedly raised because that diet was too much protein for his body to deal with. This is just one example of what can happen by following a protocol that is not specific for you.

There are 8 principles that must be followed and statistics show that if only 1 to 3 are followed a person will lose 3% body fat. If they follow 4 to 5 of the principles they will lose 10% body fat. If they stick to 5 to 7 they will lose 17% and if they stick to all 8 they will lose 30% and a whopping 2.7 off their BMI. Typically clients lose 3 or 4 kg’s in the first 2 weeks and then a kg per week thereafter.

Kim has been following her own personal plan and has lost 4kg’s, 4cm from her waist line, but even more importantly has had a significant increase in energy levels as well as improved sleep, even though her previous diet was very healthy. She is very excited about being able to offer this program and can’t wait to share it with interested clients.

If you would like to know more, book a free 10 minute consultation with Kim our naturopath and Metabolic Coach, to find out what is involved and see if Metabolic Balance® is suitable for you.
07 5477 5522

This particular program can also be offered through skype for individuals who are generally healthy but want to lose weight or further improve their health and wellbeing.

METABOLIC BALANCE® – Winner of the prestigious MEDICAL WELLNESS AWARD, 2009 –
The all- natural weight management system offering healthy, fast results and long-term success.

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